amplified impact is a strategic advisory and research firm working both independently and 'in-house' as a trusted adviser to inform, accelerate, measure and influence the impact of mission driven leaders, organizations, educators and field builders. We work with a diverse portfolio of clients, focusing on strategy, business development, program design and management, field or client-tailored research, and coaching. Main areas include:


As a strategist and coach, Andrea works with dozens of social innovators, funders, universities, consultants and accelerators to examine and improve strategies, strengthen and scale business models, clarify vision and positioning, expand networks, inform programming, improve performance, develop new knowledge and insights, and launch new initiatives or enterprises with confidence and clarity

Whether working with a newly launched startup or a multi-site organization targeting significant scale, she focuses on uncovering opportunities, establishing the best strategic options, solving problems, and coaching leaders and teams to help them move forward with next steps.


Constantly curious with a passion for research and inquiry, Andrea brings deep experience designing, implementing, and managing research efforts - both internally and across organizations – in financial services, social enterprise, and academia. She applies detailed analyses and appropriate frameworks to uncover key insights with clients, engaging critical stakeholders and persuasively communicating findings and implications through various mediums. 

Whether investigating key challenges in the fields of social entrepreneurship, civic innovation, and social capital markets, managing multi- stakeholder content development, or supporting working groups exploring new models - Andrea focuses on uncovering actionable insights at an individual, organizational, sector and field level.


A catalyst who takes initiative, identifies and aligns the right resources, and motivates and engages people around shared goals, Andrea enjoys leading, supporting and managing multi-stakeholder networks, programs, teams, and initiatives.

Whether leading a complex, operational improvement or new business initiatives, managing MBA or Exec Ed programs, coordinating multiple stakeholder communications and contributions, or launching an early-effort membership index for social venture funds - Andrea knows how to set goals and priorities, engage and manage stakeholders, facilitate decision making, and move things forward